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There is an opportunity in United state and worldwide to open and operate an innovative successful business consulting with no capital helping entrepreneurs. The team recognizes this opportunity and has decided to go forward with his new company named U.S. Business For Rent LLC. The company will provide business consulting services to prospective entrepreneurs in an effort to help them establish a lucrative business with little to nomoney down by utilizing a proven effective approach designed to achieve success. The team also recognizes the opportunities for offering a comprehensive spectrum of cost effective business opportunities. Thesewill enable prospective entrepreneurs to attain theirfinancial goals through a dedicated investment process. The process helps clients define their goals and create a customized game plan for success. U.S. Business For Rent LLC will serve its area of business working to make its operations more productive while at the same time controlling expenses.

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The money required getting the company organized and structured has been provided by Team. To make this company a reality there will be needed $600k-1 Million, which will come as a loan. The money will be allocated to take care of all the requirements including securing the premises, licenses, permits, furnishings, equipment, supplies, marketing, business acquisition participation and miscellaneous operating expenses.

This business is based on two vital components:

​1. Excellent management that has a mastery of choosing the right product and the right service at the right time with a mastery of knowing what its total market is and how to keep gaining a greater share of that market.
2. Providing an excellent product or service that is not only well accepted now but also whose acceptance and use will continue to grow at an accelerated rate into the future.
U.S. Business For Rent LLC will coordinate worker productivity with increasing market demand to ensure continued company growth and development. Its approach emphasizes the individual participation of every employee and member of this organization and the total process of building the company to acquire an ever-increasing market share.
By guiding and helping employees with knowledge and awareness, it will build a solid foundation for achieving itsmost ambitious goals. U.S. Business For Rent LLC realizes that this is an ideal time to establish its business in this expanding industry and move forward in a steady progression over the next five years.
Who we are


U.S. Business For Rent LLC has definite objectives in order to fulfill its desire to achieve an ever-growing market share of the exciting industry that it is entering. What follows is a brief summary of the key objectives of U.S. Business For Rent LLC: 1. Penetrate the market in the business of operating a consulting company.
2. Develop employee capabilities to ensure a strong foundation for participation in a rapidly growing company.
3. Increase sales and revenue at a rate no less than 10% per year.
Some of the highlights of its strategy are here briefly summarized:

  • U.S. Business For Rent LLC has superior talent and experience for the marketplace.
  • Profitability is assured by its preparation of knowing what the market requirements are presently and what they are to be in the next several years.
  • With its strategy and budget in place, sales are expected to multiply rapidly, and the company expects to move in on the leaders in the industry.

Market Analysis Summary

U.S. Business For Rent LLC has done an exhaustive study of the state of its industry. This industry is one of the most exciting industries in the United States. It presents an ever increasing market, a very healthy bottom line, and excellent opportunities for growth. The outside world demands aconsulting company that provides a personal GPS system that enables you to serve as the expert in your business to manage and grow this independent and enduring asset – your enterprise. U.S. Business For Rent LLC has all this to offer and its management team will keep its finger on the pulse of market demands. This industry is filling the needs of the consumer by performing an essential service that contributes directly to the stability of the nation’s economy.This is why U.S. Business For Rent LLC fits perfectly for meeting the demands of its industry.