Facilitate Obtaining Capital

Obtain capital to establish actual businesses to rent to people with zero money downg

U.S. Business For Rent LLC is proud of its main product line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and benefits of its core products to its customers include that we have developed a system designed to help you work smarter – not harder – so you can earn more, work less and enjoy a richer life. From small business owners and entrepreneurs to managers and salespeople, we can help thousands of people achieve their true potential.

U.S. Business For Rent will commence in two phases:

  • 1. investors select industry of industry of products of interest
  • 2. UBFR sign letter of intent with investors
  • 3. UBFR search identifies
  • a. specific product or services
  • b. various locations investors to select
  • c. nvestors makes the funds available on escrow/ or join signal account
  • d. UBFR build the business turn Key ready
  • e. identify 2-3 entrepreneurs
  • f. entrepreneurs & investors
  • g. signs renter/lease 2 -3 years agreement
  • h. UBFR signs consultant agreement with both parties
  • i. Renewable base on performance