Our Mission

U.S. Business For Rent LLC is a company that will strive to excel in the business of providing business consulting services to prospective entrepreneurs in an effort to help them establish a lucrative business with little to no money down by utilizing a proven effective approach designed to achieve success. What makes U.S. Business For Rent LLC different and special is that U.S. Business For Rent LLCwill offer a comprehensive spectrum of lucrative businessopportunities that enable prospective entrepreneurs to attaintheir financial goals through an exclusive investment process that helps to define their goals and create a customized game plan designed to help them achieve success.

U.S. Business For Rent LLC is confident of the following attributes that it demonstrates as keys to its success:
  • Helping individual skills, experience, expertise but with no capital.
  • Enhance with the real world conducting real business and become entrepreneur.
  • Assist to searching a real taylor investors in its field.
  • The investors to evacuate entrepreneur compatibility and the fields of interest.
  • Provide one stop center for both entrepreneur and investors with people experience and expertise in each field: to nurture, counsel, mentor, educate, eliminate risks and waste.
  • Making investors maximize returns and entrepreneur become self sufficiency and financial independent.
  • One stop center that centralized all business needs and requirements.
  • Facilitates assessment both sides.


U.S. Business For Rent LLC knows that it is wise to understand the framework from initial goal back to the essential implementation.